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Tagged by: :iconclairbanthedoll:

1. Which these singers are the worst?
a. Miley Cyrus b. Jacob Sartorious c. Justin Bieber 
~I actually don't know everyone from these options, lol, sorry. *goes to check out everyone's music*
Okay, after listening to everyone I am not going to say who becuase I honestly don't like bashing on artists even if I don't like them. Sweating a little...  But this is a very good question though! Wink/Razz 

2. If you were born with a superpower, what it'll be?
~Teleportation! ^//3//^ get back here u bish Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 

3. What is the most weirdest thing you see in Youtube?
~I kinda stay out of the weird things on Youtube, but the latest thing that I saw weird on there was this.
I thought it was really strange at first, but after awhile I started yelling.... "C'MON ORANGE WINNNNNN!!!!!" X3

4. What would you do when you see your favorite artist?
BTS Agust D fire bear hearts emoji~Oh my! If I met Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Boong Boong?
I...I... I don't know... Bear Emoji-06 (Disappointed) [V1]  
I would probablly just wave at him and politely say annyeonghaseyo... bangtan sonyeondan saranghaeyo! <3
He doesn't speak english, so he would understand that.
*I would be internally screaming*

5. What's your favorite season and month?
Violet Snow Globe ~WINTER BABY!!!! X3 Bear Emoji-17 (Eager) [V1]
Winter brings snow, sweatshirts, fireplaces, hot coco, and many wonderful songs!   

6. Do you think 2017 is gonna be a good or bad year?
~Let's make it a good year! Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy Alt) [V1] LazyIcon I wanna use - 11 heart 

7. What's you favorite desert?
~The Atacama Desert? Lol, I think you wanted to ask what is my favorite, "dessert". That would be Mochi, ZotZ, pumpkin flavored sweets, and sugar cookies.
The Atacama desert is very pretty though! Heehee. XP
Top 5 deserts of the world - Valley of the Moon, Atacama Desert

8. What's your favorite Disney movie?
~I'm going to pick an old one---> BOLT. Dog Face FREE flying hearts Icon 

9. What's your favorite shape?
DANANANAAAAAAPixel: Heart Jump~The triangle. XD 

10. What is your favorite anime?
Ciel - Hand clasp ~I see what you did there.... you saved one of the best for last! rabbit heart emoji    
You already know this. XP
It's KUROSHITSUJI!!!!! AKA. BLACK BUTLER!!!! AKA. 黒執事!!!!!!!!! ^^
Kuroshitsuji was the first anime that really got me into "anime", so it's special to me. .:Pastel pink heart:. 
Sebastian Michaelis (Obeys) [V1]  
P.S.--> Grell Sutcliff is my ultimate fave character from the show! Grell Sutcliff (Fangirling) [V2] Kao Emoji-94 (Heart Waving) [V6]

[ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: Can I have doubles on this???? XD 
Yuri!!! on ICE is also my favorite anime as well!!!!! I LOVE IT SO, SO MUCH! <3333333333 [ YURI ON ICE ] Huuuug [ YURI ON ICE ] Huuuuug  [ YURI ON ICE ]  Nope. [ YURI ON ICE ] :Yuri Plisetsky: 
I'm a big Viktuuri shipper, lol. ^///3///^ [ YURI ON ICE ] HUG EVERYWHERE (you never said how many I could list so, heehee)
I honestly, cannot choose between them.
One anime has a asdfghjkl, demon butler that takes care of a huggable guard dog and the other has my top OTP. I can't choose!!!
Why you do this to me Clair-Chan~ ;-;

hi ~Thanks for the tag Clairbanthedoll! It was fun!
P.S.~ I am kindly not going to tag anyone else because I know a lot of people get annoyed with tags. If you want one, just ask!Pixel: Heart Jump 


Deep in the pages of history that I've built my life on judgement and cuasing pain
As the story we knew of sugar and spice
A late night story buried far away and everything I've known have been thrown away
But a rainbow's easy once you get to know it, just ignore the screams and don't think twice
I try my best to block out the screams, the souls of many innocent fill the air
Please break my shackles, I want it to stop
How, do you ask, are they up to the task, to which the answer is in a mighty machine built within the wake
Of a long dead dream, little demon awake
Now I've awoken and I'm taking back control
I don't even remember my past, I've stroke the fire, seen more pain that you can know
In the Rainbow Factory, where your fears and horrors come true, but the bright sun is burning, and my sky shines ever blue
In the Rainbow Factory, where not a single soul gets through, friendships surround me, I'm becoming a part of you
You've proven to yourself and to all of us that you're not fit to fly like a pegasus
And with time I've come to find this isn't my home
The name they gave me: Absentia
I don't know those eyes I see in the bloodstained chrome
It's easy to misjudge that floating city, where not a single soul gets through.

-I've been wanting to create a mashed up lyrics for these songs for awhile now and I finally did it. :P
Some of the parts in this actually do rhyme. I always start humming to one song and then somehow humming the other and getting them mixed up sometimes, so I went ahead and mashed them up.

(None of the lyrics belong to me. The lyrics from Rainbow Factory are by Wooden Toaster, the lyrics from Pegasus Device are by SlyphStorm, and the lyrics from Awoken are by H8_Seed and WoodenToaster.)…
What anime is this from?
Maybe it is just an OC, but I really want to know where this is from. :3
Any guesses? :P
It's bugging me, I need to know. XD
OC Pony Requests Rules:
- Pick one or two OC ponies for me to draw
-If you pick two, then they will both be in the same picture
- Give name/names
-Link a picture of the OC/OCs
-Tell what expression is the pony in
- If there are two ponies than tell me what they are both doing
-If there is one OC, it will pretty much be sitting or standing in some pose
-It can be a simple or complicated OC, it doesn't matter
-Socks can be added, just say what color

(The image at the top is an example of the style the requests will be in)
(I don't do mature requests)
(I'll have it done as soon as possible, yet time may vary)

1.:iconlocalally: (DONE)

2.:iconstarvagrant: (DONE)

:iconbigballer69420: (DONE)

4.:iconpinkiepie097: (DONE)

5. :iconstarchasesketches: (DONE)

She is my first OC that I have ever made myself and she has always been the only OC that truly represented me. She is a pegasus with a broken horn. She is not an alicorn, since the horn isn't a unicorn's horn. The horn is a goat's. When she was a filly, she was born with a goat's horn since she mostly lived in the cold alps where it was snowy and there were a lot of goats around. She broke her horn as a filly when she got with a fight once with another goat and her horn broke. Since the rest of the horn is broken off, other ponies mostly think of her as an alicorn becuase they don't see the rest of the horn. Her horn was bent downward her head like a goat's horn. Her personality is like mine, but a little bit more sillier. My profile pic is a pic of her when she was turned into a cat and well, I won't get into the details, but let's just say it's a long story that has to do with her being the tenth Doctor's pet. Oh and she has no cutiemark.

SkittleStar Spectrum
She is my bat pony OC and she expresses my hyper kind of messing around part of me. She got her cutie mark by following a star and reaching to find skittles left in the EverFree. From this, she lost her job as a Bat Pony guard for Luna since Luna thought Skittle betrayed her by leaving. It's kind of a dumb journey, but it was the persistance that kept her going. After that she was uncapable of still being a guard for Luna in Hollow Shades. She shows off me more of a night owl than an early bird. When she was a filly her mane was oversized. It was somewhat hard for her to fit in with the other filly bat ponies. Her voice sounds as if you mashed Pinkie Pie's voice with Rainbow Dash's. 

Shackle Fluff
She is a hybrid mixed with a wolf, metal and a pink pony. She expresses my strange self and how much of a mixer I am. I like to mix things up, so. She lives in a cog factory far off into the EverFree. She gets angry sometimes if you get in her factory without asking. Besides that she is calm and normally looking for trouble, but in a peaceful way. She does like to mess around with other ponies and pretend she is evil just to get them to jumpscare. She normally tells random creepypastas about her factory and herself just to scare trespassers. Her voice sounds like Vinyl Scratch(in the fandom). She doesn't have a mane now, but when she was a tall filly, she had a very long mane and she always tripped on it, so she shaved it off. It never grew back though.

Kneigh Party
Her name is a play on off of Knife Party, but with a pony pun to it. She is black and red, but no, she is not evil at all. She is colored like that since Knife Party's Abandoned Ship Album are those two colors. She is very excited most of the time. She has a British accent, but she actually started to have one when she was older. She didn't have an accent when she was younger. As a filly, she went to a Knife Party concert and a red lazer from stage beamed at her eye leaving red marks in her eyes.(she was not blinded) She expresses my love for music, mostly dubstep. I am a fan of a lot of Knife Party's music and also Knife Pony's music. I literally listen to music too much and I think that explains a lot. She has a more risk taking side and more of a daring character trait. She is the type of pony who stays up all night humming to tunes.

(This has been edited on Feb. 20, 2016)

Mood: ;P
Listening to: Begin Again- Knife Party
Watching: Doctor Who
For right now, requests are closed.